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Making Dreams Come True

A Very Special Wedding Venue in Kent

Welcome to The Farm.  We are one of the most unique wedding venues in the area and offer couples:

  • A true “farm feel”
  • Beautiful landscapes and backdrops to their ceremony
  • Spacious reception areas

Not only do we grow and design the flowers you can use for your ceremony and reception, but you can host your wedding on the same land that your bouquet and centerpieces come from!

You’ll get sprawling views of beautiful countryside and have enough room to host as many guests as you want. Other small wedding venues may limit your choices and still cost a fortune. With us, you get an affordable wedding venue that you and your guests will never forget.


Jon Throne
Founder & Creative Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

Kent's Wonderfully Unique Wedding Location


Getting married is a big deal, which is why couples really want a wedding location that:

  • Reflects their personality

  • Is memorable and fun

  • Is affordable and spacious

Sometimes, it feels like wedding locations in Kent are hard to come by, or you’ll find that they don’t “tick all your boxes.” Why settle for wedding locations that you don’t love?

Come check out our beautiful, floral farm near Kent and see a wedding location that is truly one-of-a-kind. You’ll also impress your guests and have wonderful memories at our venue! Come check us out today and see what we can offer you for your special day.


Jon Throne, Aifd
Co-Founder & Creative Director

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

You NAILED it! We absolutely loved the flowers and the pics that are coming in from guests the flowers are on FLEEK! They are so beautiful..thank you for making our day OVER THE TOP!!!

Love, Tiffany D

Bride Testimoni
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