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Planted, nurtured, harvested and split.  These bulbs have been grown on the farm to a maturity level that should guarantee beautiful flowers during your first season! 

This is the Orange Collection...We had 3 Different Varieties, Orange Ball, Orange Decorative and Orange with white tips.

We just pulled by color this year.. Hopefully Next year we will pull By Variety.

There is a Big Dinner Plate Orange too.. Could be any of these...  

Mixed Orange Dahlia Bulbs 20


    Find a place to store your bulbs inside. If your area is not prone to extremely cold winters, you can leave the tray outside near your garden. However, if temperatures drop below 16°F (−9°C), you need to store the dahlia bulbs in some kind of shelter. The area must be dry, cooler, and well-ventilated for the bulbs to thrive.[9]

    • A dry cellar or cupboard in a cooler area of your home, such as a basement or attic, are all good areas to store dahlia bulbs.
    • For best results, the storage area should have a temperature between 39° to 45°F (4° to 7°C).
    • Avoid storing bulbs in warm places. You want to make sure your bulbs are stored at a low temperature. Storing bulbs inside your home, in a place like the kitchen, is not recommended. Warm cupboards and cabinets will destroy dahlia bulbs. Store them in areas in your home with a lower temperature, like the attic or basement.
    • Make sure your storage container is well ventilated. There should be some holes and slots in the storage container you choose. If bulbs cannot get access to air, this will cause them to decay. Always select a well-ventilated storage container when storing dahlia bulbs



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